Gateway Community College in Connecticut

Gateway community college is a public school located at Connecticut. The college consists of two main campuses which have managed to enroll a huge number of students in the state. These two colleges are located in New Haven and the other at North Haven. The college traces its start in the year 1992 where a group of south central community college and greater haven state technical college came together to start this unique college. Since then the school has prospered enrolling the most students than any other school in the region.

Gateway community college is the preferred place by many students due to what it offers. Normally before students decide to settle for a particular school they must first ensure it offers different teaching programs that they can benefit from. There school offers many teaching programs which have helped many students in the region. For example a student can find certificate, diploma and degree programs at gate Way College on different courses they may desire to pursue. If you are looking for the best place to help you find success in your career Gate way is the right place to help you achieve that.

Located at the heart of a thriving city Gateway community college continues to appeal many from all walks of life. This is the place where you will find people from all part of the globe, all of whom have come together to seek higher learning. Thanks to race diversity in the school students are able to learn about other students who hail from places they have never been to before. For example the student population consists of black Americans, whites, Africans, Asians and Chinese these are part of the people that make up the student populations in the school.

The rates are also affordable which has seen Gateway community college enroll high number of students than any other school in the state. We all know the cost of education has really gone up in the recent times causing many parents to complain about the rises. But since the school is committed in helping students achieve their potential, they have introduced student loans and place their fees at very reasonable cost so that al may afford them. This is what has promoted the school making it the preferred choice by most students. Don’t be fooled take advantage of the many benefits student stand to claim by enrolling in a school that will not let you down.

Lastly, gateway community college is rapidly expanding to take in the increasing number of students who are turning to them. New haven and North Haven are some of the common campuses that have served many students in the region. For instance New Haven is expected to be a modern state of the art campus that will benefit many students. This is the newest facility that is scheduled to open around the end of 2012 and is expected to attract even more students in the area. Gateway community college is the best school you can ever enroll in and you won’t be disappointed.

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